Adm Loy Remembers 9-11

The US Naval Institute News service has a short story about the evacuation of more than half a million people from Southern Manhattan following the attack on 9-11 as told by former Commandant James Loy. Apparently this is part of much larger oral history project.

Based on 15 interviews conducted by Paul Stillwell from August 2002 to August 2006. The volume contains 621 pages of interview transcript plus appendices and a comprehensive index. The transcript is copyright 2014 by the U.S. Naval Institute; the interviewee placed no restrictions on its use.

I’ve posted the video above before, but it is an excellent tribute to the spirit of those that responded so unselfishly to this attack.


There have been lots of accounts of impressions from the day of the attack. My own feeling was that our enemies had made a serious miscalculation. Despite comparisons to Pearl Harbor, they had done no damage to our military potential, but this was sure going to piss us off.

The Coast Guard Compass has a whole series including a special issue of the Coast Guard Magazine and comments by both the Commandant and then Commandant James Loy.

I particularly liked this tribute to the mariners, both professional and amateur who aided in the evacuation of people from lower Manhattan.