Tribute to the Aviators

File:Douglas Dolphin at the US National Museum of Naval Aviation.jpeg
Photo: U.S. Navy National Museum of Naval Aviation photo No. 2003.145.001 A Douglas Dolphin at the U.S. National Museum of Naval Aviation at Pensacola, Florida (USA). This aircraft was originally purchased in 1934 by William E. Boeing, founder of Boeing Airplane Company, for use as a transport. It was sold in 1941 and subsequently flew with the Civil Aviation Administration and Alaska Airlines before Dr. Colgate W. Darden, III, purchased it. Darden’s father, Colgate Whitehead Darden, Jr. former French Army and Lt. USMC, a U.S. congressman and Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, was Naval Aviator Number 871. Darden later donated the aircraft to the museum. It is painted as a U.S. Coast Guard RD-4.
This is over two years old, but I don’t remember seeing it. Some history worth knowing. “The Coast Guard’s Role in Naval Aviation