Second Career? –Cuttermen’s Association

The Cuttermen’s Association has published the first of what they hope to be several helpful guides. This one is designed to help those with deck watch experience transition into the Merchant Marine. Looks like it contains a lot of useful info, its relatively short, and its available for download as a pdf.

“The Coast Guard Cuttermen’s Association is proud to announce the first of hopefully a series of Cuttermen’s Association sponsored publications intended to benefit our membership and their personal and professional education and advancement.

“”A Coasties Companion Guide to the Mariner Licensing Process” (PDF document) was written by Coasties, for Coasties, to help overcome some of the real and perceived barriers that active and former Coast Guard members may have experienced in their pursuit of a Merchant Mariners Credential.

“Enjoy and “Fair winds and following seas” for those of you navigating the licensing process.  We hope this guide helps!

“EDITOR’S NOTE:  This specific guide is targeted toward deck licenses and endorsements and is most relevant to Boatswain Mates and Deck Watch Officers.  Hopefully someone else will take on the challenge on the engineering side…if someone out there wants to accept that challenge, please contact the Coast Guard Cuttermen’s Association and we’ll gladly help you get started and give you a place to publish!

“DISCLAIMER:  While we are confident of the accuracy of the information that follows, it is an interpretation of large amounts of highly technical information that is subject to change over time.  If at any point you have any questions or just want to verify your understanding of something, you are strongly encouraged to visit the NMC website or call 1-888-IASKNMC.  Additionally, if anyone identifies any errors in this document, let us know so we can correct/update it appropriately.”