The Sunken Cutter Mohawk as Art

File:USCGC Mohawk (WPG-78).jpg

USCG photo, USCGC Mohawk (WPG-78) in her war paint

Some beautiful photography taken aboard the 165 foot cutter Mohawk. See the CNN report.

“The World War II ship has a rich history. Sixty-nine years ago this month, the USS Mohawk was the last vessel to radio General Dwight D. Eisenhower, later President of the U.S., informing him the weather was clearing for the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

“In May last year the USS Mohawk was blown up and sunk off the coast of Sanibel Island, to be used as an artificial reef attracting exotic marine life — including a mammoth whale shark.

“But before she was an underwater gallery, the grand old ship was an important part of the U.S. naval force, launching 14 attacks against enemy submarines in the Atlantic between 1942 and 1945.

“The 1,000 ton ship survived 14 Nazi attacks and rescued more than 300 survivors from torpedoed ships during the war.”

Thanks to Patrick for bringing this to my attention.