Robert Yered Commmissioned

The forth Webber Class Fast Response Cutter Robert Yered (WPC-1104) has been commissioned. This Miami Herald report includes some good video, including structural test firing of the ships weapons, mooring using a wired remote controller they call a pendant, and interior shots from the ship.

The bridge is certainly large; so large it was apparently used for the pre-fire brief. The watch will need to be careful not to be distracted, if meetings on the bridge becomes common.

This report mentions that the cutter is capable of 32 knots, which is substantially more than the usually reported 28 knots.

This report from NavalToday, includes a video with a more personal look at the heritage the ship represents.

All CG Vietnam Vets, Presumed Exposed to Agent Orange

Navy Times recently reported that the 47 additional ships had been added to the list of those whose crews may have been exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam war.

Looking into this a little further, it appears that all Coast Guard vessels that participated (WAK, WHECs, WLBs, WPBs) are included in the list. Go here for more information. Any Vets who set foot in country are also presumed to have been exposed.

“Veterans must meet VA’s criteria for service in Vietnam, which includes aboard boats on the inland waterways or brief visits ashore, to be presumed to have been exposed to herbicides.

“Veterans who qualify for presumption of herbicide exposure are not required to show they were exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides when seeking VA compensation for diseases related to Agent Orange exposure.”