More Chinese Misbehavior in the South China Sea

China imposes fishing curbs: New regulations imposed Jan. 1 limit all foreign vessels from fishing in a zone covering two-thirds of the South China Sea.

Credit for Chart: “China Orders Foreign Fishing Vessels Out of Most of the South China Sea,” The Washington Free Beacon

China is again pushing for a “new norm” that would make the South China Sea essentially Chinese sovereign territory. In clear violation of the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea, the Province of Hainan has declared that, as of Jan. 1, all foreign vessels must get their permission to fish in approximately two thirds of the South China Sea including waters that are clearly within the Exclusive Economic Zones of the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, and Malaysia, an area reportedly five times the size of the state of Texas.

In addition to the report credited below the illustration, here is a Wall Street Journal Report and Reuters reports the diplomatic sparing between the US and China.

Their likely instrument in this push is the newly organized Chinese Coast Guard. Naval War College professor James R. Holmes, offers some thoughts on “The Return of China’s Small Stick Diplomacy in South China Sea.”

107 thoughts on “More Chinese Misbehavior in the South China Sea

  1. German Navy blog, Marine Forum, reports, “14 October, CHINA (Territorial Disputes), South China Sea: A Vietnamese fisherman claimed a Chinese vessel rammed and sank his boat within Vietnamese fishing grounds.”

  2. From the German Navy Blog, Marine Forum, “South China Sea: A Vietnamese fishing boat has been attacked and robbed by a (ostensibly civilian) Chinese ship while fishing near disputed with China Paracel Islands … took food and fuel, destroyed fishing nets.
    (rmks: destruction of fishing nets points beyond mere robbery)”

    I suspect this was action by a Chinese Maritime Militia Unit. Under orders or acting on its own initiative?

  3. A study of incidents in the South China Sea. Chinese CG was involved in 2/3 of them.

    “The evidence is clear that there is a pattern of behaviour from China that is contrary to what law enforcement usually involves,” Glaser told Reuters.

    “We’re seeing bullying, harassment and ramming of vessels from countries whose coast guard and fishing vessels are much smaller, often to assert sovereignty throughout the South China Sea.”

  4. One of the motives behind China’s behaviour, why it will backfire, and a possible approach to resolution.

  5. Following from ONI report.

    VIETNAM: On 20 April, Six Vietnamese fishermen were rescued after their boat was allegedly sunk by two Chinese vessels in disputed waters, a Vietnamese official said. The incident occurred near Lincoln Island in the Paracel Archipelago,according to Nguyen Viet Thang, chairman of the state-run Vietnam Fisheries Society. Thang said the two Chinese boats chased and rammed the Vietnamese boat before armed assailants boarded the vessel and seized equipment and fishing catch from the fishermen. According to Vietnam’s Tuoi Tre newspaper, since March, over 10 Vietnamese fishingboats have allegedly been hit and robbed while fishing in the South China Sea.

  6. “Defense ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which was chaired by Vietnam in 2020, made a joint declaration that called on ASEAN states and “plus” countries, including the PRC, to “respect sovereignty and territorial integrity.” International law, including the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), must be the basis for the “peaceful resolution of disputes” in the South China Sea, they added.”

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