Illegal Fishing

gCaptain has an interesting post on illegal fishing off Africa and how they hope to counter it.

“We are cutting away at the model. We’ll attack the insurance, the availability of supplies and crew, attack the landing ports and the markets they use. It is death by a thousand cuts,”

They report that globally illegal fishing is a $23B business.

Are we confident this is not a major problem in the under patrolled Western Pacific? It seems every time we actually patrol the area, we find some illegal activity.

3 thoughts on “Illegal Fishing

  1. As most readers of this blog must already know, illegal fishing, especially on a large and organized scale, depletes fish stocks and threatens their sustainability, thereby destroying the livelihoods of local fishermen and damaging local economies. Poorer and developing nations that are unable to effectively police their own waters are common targets, and such illegal over-fishing has been cited as a prime cause of the rise in maritime piracy, especially in places like around the Horn of Africa. So it’s good to read that organizations like Interpol are going after these jackholes.

    I’ve also read reports of conflicts and tensions over fisheries in parts of the western Pacific, as well as about how rapidly those fisheries are being depleted by over-exploitation. But I’m curious to learn what else the international community may be able to do about it, especially from the perspective of national coast guards or navies patrolling outside their own national jurisdiction. For example, did the international anti-piracy patrols off Somalia have any ability or directive to protect the local waters from illegal fishing?

  2. Some evidence of order coming to Somalia, German Navy Blog, Marine Forum, reports, “SOMALIA, Puntland Maritime Police have seized six foreign (Iranian, Yemeni) fishing vessels together with more than 100 fishermen for illegally fishing in its waters.”

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