Contract awarded for FRC #45-50

The primary thrust of the Acquisitions Directorate post is on what Webber class WPCs are doing in response to recent hurricanes, but it also mentions that a contract option for six more has been exercised bringing the program to 50 cutters.

The service exercised a contract option on Aug. 9 worth just over $294.4 million with Bollinger Shipyards of Lockport, Louisiana, for production of six more Sentinel-class FRCs and eight shipsets of rudders as spares. Keeping spares on hand enables greater mission readiness by minimizing operational downtime in the event that some systems need repair or replacement.

This option brings the total number of FRCs under contract with Bollinger to 50 and the total value of the contract to nearly $929 million. The contract has a potential value of $1.42 billion if options to procure all 58 cutters are exercised.

12 thoughts on “Contract awarded for FRC #45-50

  1. I think they (USCG) should Swap-Out the Mk.38’s 25x137mm Heavy Machine Gun with the 35x228mm Millennium Auto Cannon. Give it a Little Extra Teeth to Bear Brightly…

    • There are lots of options. We have talked about some of them here. The Millennium gun has never been accepted by the Navy so that effectively rules it out for us. It also requires a separate fire control system. Actually the Mk38 could accept a 30mm or even 40mm gun, but so far the Navy has shown no interest. They have the 30mm in the Mk46 mount, but it is a lot bulkier.

      • There’s a rumor that the Mk.15 Mod.1 20x102mm Phalanx is to be replaced with a Combi SeaRAM/30x113mm M230 Bushmaster/Apache Autocannon. Still trying to find out whether its true or not…

  2. Update, it’s not a Combi SeaRAM Missile/30x113mm Gun System. The US Navy’s variant is called “Firebox” and the US Army’s variant is called “Raven”. Production Gun is a “Rarefaction Wave Gun” 45x225mm CTA Blow-Back Gun System, loosely based on the Rheinmetall GmbH 35x228mm Millennium Autocannon. Rate of Fire is projected to be ~400rpm at a Muzzle Velocity of ~1,100m/s. Current “Test” gun for the US Navy is 35mm and 40mm by the US Army. There’s also a 105mm version being tested to, with a projected rate of fire of between 15-20rpm and 17rpm with “Waterjacket” (i.e. Monobloc Design). Possibly for both US Army and US Navy use, though information on the “105” is rather thin…

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