Photos to Share, Report of Collision and Two Canadian AOPS in Key West

An overloaded migrant vessel sails next to the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Confidence off the northwest coast of Haiti on Thursday, May 20, 2022. The Coast Guard said the boat collided with the bow of the cutter. U.S. Coast Guard

Couple of photographs of interest.

First is a photo of a ship I served on, USCGC Confidence (now based in Florida instead of Kodiak). The photo is from a Miami Herald report, “Coast Guard says migrant boat collided with cutter off the coast of Haiti.(apparently very minor) Confidence is about 56 years old and still doing the job. I see four RHIBs in the photo and Connie has only two. No indication where the other two came from.

The second is from Facebook. What are two Canadian Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) doing in Key West? One has been doing drug interdiction with the US Coast Guard.

HMCS Harry Dewolf (AOPV 430) and HMCS Margaret Brooke (AOPV 431) alongside at NAS Key West, Florida in late May of 2022. HMCS Margaret Brooke is finishing warm weather trials on the ships cooling systems. HMCS Harry DeWolf is finishing a Op Caribbe with the USCG.

6 thoughts on “Photos to Share, Report of Collision and Two Canadian AOPS in Key West

  1. I notice in the photo of Confidence, that, like many 210s I have seen lately, she has an awning over the flight deck. This allows them to shelter a large number of imigrants on the flight deck, but it precludes short notice helicopter operations.

    • I was nowhere close to being privy on how these ops were planned but I do know that if multiple helo capable cutters were doing migrant ops one would often cover the flight deck for holding and transporting and the other would have the helo if one was deployed. A second MEC may be where the other two small boats came from.

  2. I’ll bet she still has scars from a certain winter patrol in 1977. After that the days of banging the superstructure on the pier at Kodiak and busting the pilings.

  3. we did a buttload of migrant ops in mid 90s on cutter campbell. helo ops was out. we had sometimes hundreds of migrants on deck. we actually had a marine detachment onboard to do security. we didn’t have enough watch handle security. we would offload them at gitmo where there were thousands of them housed. if i remember right 1 night we burned 7 boats after we got migrants off. hazard to nav. viking funeral stuff. no vikings or migrants died. i do recall a 210 or 270 had a bad encounter and some migrants died in the rescue attempt. fuzzy on details i ain’t young anymore.

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