Some Posts of Interest

Bell’s V-280 prototype

There have been some posts that may be of interest published recently that I will point to below, with only brief comments.

“The New Coast Guard Funding Bill Is Really Good For The USCG” –Forbes There is a lot here, but you should recognize that this is the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), not an actual budget. It is not uncommon to have items in the authorization that are not included in the corresponding budget, so we have to wait a little longer to see what is actually funded.

The Coast Guard is directed to complete a number of studies. I hope they will be completed and delivered to Congress, but they may not be and if they are, we may never know. I have been told, a lot of reports get delivered late, because there is little penalty, and the committees don’t need to inform anyone else of whether they have received a report they requested.

“Some Fun Coast Guard Reads In Forbes” –Next Navy: This talks about the post above and a second post that suggests that the Coast Guard replace the C-27 with the Army’s recently selected V-280. I think the production version of the V-280 has a good chance of finding a place in the Coast Guard. Ultimately it might even replace all our land-based helicopters and all the fixed wing aircraft except the C-130, but that is many years in the future. It’s premature to consider replacing the C-27. (Thanks to Walter for bringing this to my attention.)

“Expand Seattle Coast Guard base without impacting working waterfront”: The local longshoremen’s union takes issue with the three proposals for expansion of Base Seattle. (Thanks to Mike for bringing this to my attention.)

“MOAA Interview: Coast Guard Commandant Charts the Path Forward” Admiral Zukunft emphasized the Cutter recapitalization. Admiral Schultz spent a lot of time talking about shoreside infrastructure. Admiral Fagan’s emphasis is on personnel issues, e.g., recruiting, incentives for afloat billets, afloat billets for women, and women the Coast Guard in general. There is also a nod to the Arctic.

4 thoughts on “Some Posts of Interest

  1. The AS IS variant of the V-280 is expected to enter service in 2030! No folding wing V-280 has been constructed or tested, which makes it highly unlikely that the USCG is going to get them!

      • There’s also the price per aircraft! Currently the V-280 Valor unit cost is ~$35-Mln. USD, whereas the C-27 Spartan unit cost is ~$29.75-Mln. USD. Which is likely to be the prohibited factor in the USCG’s thinking in which aircraft frame it’s likely to get…

  2. The CG base in Seattle is very cramped as it is right now and with the plans to base the Polar Security Cutters along with others I don’t see any good solution except to move. If you open up a map and look at this base it is completely surrounded by port terminals. It is also in a horrible part of downtown Seattle though most parts of downtown are not any better.

    I have wondered if they ever considered moving to Kitsap or Everett?

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