“FACT SHEET: The Biden Administration Launches New Efforts to Counter Transnational Criminal Organizations and Illicit Drugs” –Expect Changes In Drug Interdiction

The administration has issued a new fact sheet reflecting the growing problem of street use of synthetic opioids, particularly Fentanyl. This is in conjunction with a larger effort against the supply chains for synthetic opioids and the international criminal enterprises that control and use them.

Inevitably the emergence a different “drug of choice” is going to affect the Coast Guard. It probably means a greater role for marine inspection and greater competition from other DHS agencies for drug interdiction dollars.

While the Coast Guard has been the primary agency for interception of cocaine shipments, the importation pathways for synthetic opioids are likely to be different and more diverse.

Interception of precursors will get more attention. Intelligence targets will change.

The system the Coast Guard has developed to track what cargoes are loaded and where, will take on additional importance and may require more detail.

I can only speculate on the changes we will see, but changes are coming.