11 Sikorsky S-76D to Serve in Japan CG


Sikorsky is reporting Sikorsky and their partner Mitsubishi have thus far contracted for 11 S-76D helicopters to be used for SAR missions by the Japan Coast Guard.

According to my Combat Fleets of the World, the Japan Coast Guard already had 45 helicopters of seven different types including four earlier model S-76Cs.

The S-76 is similar in size to the H-65. Empty weights are very close. The max Take-Off weight of the S-76 is a bit higher.

RFP for Webber Class Cutters #33-58

WPC Kathleen_Moore

The Acquisitions Directorate has finally published a Request for Proposal for Construction of the remaining 26 of the planned 58 cutters of the Webber Class. Deadline for submission is June 5.

It appears this might have been done a year earlier. The Coast Guard awarded contracts to Bollinger for units 31 and 32 on 27 Feb 2015 that I don’t believe were options on the original contract. In fact the existence of options should not have precluded contracting with other shipbuilders.

I still must question why there was apparently no attempt to frame this as a Multi-Year Procurement (MYP) rather than a series of options. The Webber class were approved for “full rate production” 18 Sept. 2013. This is an ideal program for a Multi-Year Procurement that might have save more than 10% compared to exercising yearly options. Additionally it would have provided greater incentives for competition.

State of the Coast Guard Address–2015

Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft delivers his first State of the Coast Guard Address and outlines how America’s Coast Guard will meet the challenges of today while preparing for complexities that remain ahead. U.S. Coast Guard video by Telfair. H. Brown, Sr.

The Commandant has issued his State of the Coast Guard address, and I think you will find it well said, even inspiring. You can watch it above or read more here.


“A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower: Forward, Engaged, Ready” Kickoff, 13 March

There is an upcoming event some of you might be interested in. It is the introduction of the new Navy/USCG/USMC strategy, “A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower: Forward, Engaged, Ready”, slated for roll-out on March 13. Speakers include the Commandant, the Chief of Naval Operations, and the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

It will likely fill up quickly, so sign up soon if you want to go.

When: 3/13/2015 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Where: 1616 Rhode Island Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20036
Registration: http://my.csis.org/csis/CSIS1700/CSISEventRegistration.aspx?eventcode=2015_065
Cost: Free

Anyone want to be my on-scene reporter?

WPB on Counter-Piracy Patrol


NavalToday reports, as we thought might happen, one of the six 110 foot cutters operating out of Bahrain, USCGC Maui (WPB-1304), has been conducting an anti-piracy patrol as part of Task Force 150 “patrolling the Gulf of Oman and the North Arabian Sea from December 2014 to February 2015.”

An interesting comment was “At one point, Maui extended the normal endurance of a Coast Guard Cutter, spending a total 13 days at sea.”

Ten More Hero Namesakes for the Webber Class

The Coast Guard Compass has published ten more names that will be applied to Webber Class WPC.

Announcements of previous names are here and here. There was a bit of a change in that the name of Joseph Napier was reassigned to WPC-1115 when WPC-1110 was named after Raymond Evans.

Previously assigned Cutter names assigned were:

Bernard C. Webber (WPC-1101)
Richard Etheridge (WPC-1102)
William Flores (WPC-1103)
Robert Yered (WPC-1104)
Margaret Norvell (WPC-1105)
Paul Clark (WPC-1106)
Charles David (WPC-1107)
Charles Sexton (WPC-1108)
Kathleen Moore (WPC-1109)
Raymond Evans (WPC-1110)
William Trump (WPC-1111)
Isaac Mayo (WPC-1112)
Richard Dixon (WPC-1113)
Heriberto Hernandez (WPC-1114)
Joseph Napier (WPC-1115)
Winslow W. Griesser (WPC-1116)
Richard H. Patterson (WPC-1117)
Joseph Tezanos (WPC-1118)
Rollin A. Fritch (WPC-1119)
Lawrence O. Lawson (WPC-1120)
John F. McCormick (WPC-1121)
Bailey T. Barco (WPC-1122)
Benjamin B. Dailey (WPC-1123)
Donald H. Horsley (WPC-1124)
Jacob L. A. Poroo (WPC-1125)

I cannot be sure which hull numbers will be assigned to each of the names, but the names in the order they were announced are:

Joseph Gerczak
Richard T. Snyder
Nathan Bruckenthal
Forrest O. Rednour
Robert G. Ward
Terrell Horne III
Benjamin A. Bottoms
Joseph O. Doyle
William C. Hart
Oliver F. Berry

Presumably they will be WPC-1126 through WPC-1135.