Germany Builds Two Azipod Equipped Icebreaking Rescue Vessels for Russia

MarineLog is reporting that a German yard is building two icebreaking rescue and salvage vessels for the Russian Ministry of Transport, to be used by “the Russian State Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (SMRCC) for patrols and rescues on the northern Polar Sea route.” The ships will be 88 m x 18.5 m and will be powered by two 3.5 MW Azipods. The ships are larger but the power is very close to that of the Macknaw (WLBB-30) (73 m x 17.8 m) which uses two 3.4MW Azipods.

We have talked about Azipods before,  but if you haven’t seen them before, they are quite impressive in the maneuverability they provide (see the video above). gCaptain reports the contract for the entire propulsion and electric generation system for the two almost 10,000 horsepower ships was $25M.  To put this in perspective, the Wind Class icebreakers had 12,000 HP.