Israeli Blockade–Lessons Applied

You might recall the last time the Israeli Navy tried to stop a convoy of “peaceful” protesters bound for Gaza. We asked if there wasn’t a better way.

Apparently the Israelis learn fast and took a different approach, applying “lawfare” to largely eliminate the problem. When a boarding was necessary, it went a lot smoother (and here). Apparently the Israeli’s decided to take the initiative in the information war and jammed the blockade runner’s communications.

Most significantly they managed to make this a “non-event.”

Israeli Navy intercept of Gaza aid convoy turns deadly

The Israeli navy moved to stop a convoy of 6 ships attempting to break their naval blockade of Gaza. Looks like there are at least 10 dead. Someday, the Coast Guard might be doing the same sort of thing. Put yourself in the Israeli Navy’s position. Was there a better way this might have been handled?

A bit more information here.