18 March 1945, CG manned DEs Sink U866

The Naval History and Heritage Command noted, “On 18 March 1945, USS Menges (DE 320), USS Mosely (DE 321), USS Pride (DE 323) and USS Lowe (DE 325) sank the German submarine U 866 south of Nova Scotia.”

These four Destroyer Escorts were among the 30 manned by the Coast Guard.

Here is the story of one of them:

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“Harry James Lowe, Jr., born 6 January 1922 In Paducah, Ky., entered naval service as a seaman apprentice 28 August 1940. He served in San Francisco from 6 December 1940 to 12 November 1942, when he was killed in action off the Solomon Islands when he refused to abandon his gun in the face of an onrushing Japanese torpedo plane. For his extraordinary heroism, Gunner’s Mate Third Class Lowe was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross. (The torpedo plane crashed into his gun mount-Chuck) Continue reading

Operation Dragoon, the Invasion of Southern France, 15 Aug. 1944

The Naval History and Heritage Command reminded those who follow it, that, today is the anniversary of Operation Dragoon, the invasion of Southern France. They featured USS Samuel Chase (APA-56), a Coast Guard manned attack transport. USS Samuel Chase also participated in the invasion of North Africa (8 Nov. 1942), the invasion of Sicily (10 July 1943), the invasion of Italy at Salerno (9 Sept. 1943), and the Normandy invasion (6 June 1944). She also managed to spend some time off Okinawa after the invasion while kamikazes were still a danger (24 July-10 Aug. 1945). She was also used for Operation “Magic Carpet” the return of American service men to US.

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There were probably a number of other Coast Guard and Coast Guard manned ships involved in Operation Dragoon as well. One, the 327, USCGC Duane (WPG-33/WAGC-6/WHEC-33) (my old ship) served as flag ship of one of the six Naval Task Forces.

More on Operation Dragoon here.