S. Korean CG Boat Rammed and Sunk by Chinese F/V


This photo released by South Korean Defense Ministry on June 10, 2016 shows South Korean patrol boats forcing Chinese fishing boats from disputed waters.(Photo by AFP)

This is one of several reports I have seen. A 4.5 ton South Korean “speed boat” (probably around 30 foot or 8 to 10 meter) has been rammed and sunk by a Chinese fishing vessel believed to have been over 100 tons. There were no casualties.

Reports are somewhat confusing, but, the way I interpret the reports, there was a large fleet of Chinese vessels fishing illegally in South Korean waters. A boarding party of eight had boarded one of the fishing vessels leaving one man still in the boat. A second Chinese fishing vessel rammed the boat as it lay alongside the fishing vessel probably crushing it. The one man aboard was recovered safely.

It is not clear to me how the boarding party got off the first fishing vessel or why the vessel was not detained.

A diplomatic protest has been filed with the Chinese.

Thanks to Luke for bringing this to my attention.

Another Deadly fisheries Dispute–India v. Sri Lanka

We have a report of another fatal encounter between fishermen and fisheries enforcement personnel. In this case, it is Indian Fishermen and the Sri Lankan Navy, with shots fired at three fishermen and one killed. There are calls for the Indian government to protect the fishermen from the Sri Lankan Navy. The initial reaction from Sri Lanka is that its Navy was not in the area, is under strict instruction not to use deadly force, and they will investigate. At least this time, it is not a question of who has jurisdiction over the waters.

Thanks to http://combatfleetoftheworld.blogspot.com/ for the heads up.