Thanks for a Successful 2022 –Best Year to Date

USCGC Duane on North Atlantic Convoy Duty

Thanks to all of you who have come by and made the writing worthwhile. Special thanks to those who have contributed by your comments or by simply pointing me to articles of interest.

Readership is at an all-time high with 260,989 views. and 103,295 visits.

Top ten posts of 2022

  1. “U.S. Navy’s New 40-Foot Defiant Patrol Boat” –Naval News, Plus FMS Patrol Boat (2022)
  2. A New 30mm Round –Maybe a Reason to Upgrade the Mk38 Mounts (2020)
  3. “Fixing the Coast Guard Academy’s Priorities” –USNI (2022)
  4. “Here Is What…Missiles Actually Costs” –The Drive (2020)
  5. 50mm Chain Gun, More Detail (2019)
  6. Top Ten Navies by Aggregate Displacement, 1 January 2022. Analysis and diagram by u/Phoenix_jz (2022)
  7. New 76mm Gun Mount Solves Frequent Siting Problems (2022)
  8. “Storm causes damage at beloved Portland Head Light in Maine” –WCVB5, Boston (2022)
  9. What Does It Take to Sink a Ship? (2011)
  10. Ukrainian Cutter, former USCGC Cushing, Reported Sunk (2022)

The blog has an international readership with about 30% of the views being from outside the US. Top ten nations, other than the US, in terms of views of the blog were the UK (8,563), Canada, Philippines, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Finland, New Zealand, The Netherlands, and Russia (1953). In all 33 nations had 500 or more views.

History of the blog:

The blog began in July 2012 as an offshoot of Dan Trimble’s CGBlog where I was a contributor. When Dan retired his blog, I began my own and Dan was kind enough to help me and transfer all my previous work to this blog. That is why you can still see my post that predate the blog. (Thanks Dan.)

Top ten posts of all time:

  1. What Does It Take to Sink a Ship? (2011) (24,796 views)
  2. Navy, this is Coast Guard, we need to talk (2019) (19,124)
  3. OPV to OPC (2012)
  4. Three Nations Share German OPV Design (2014) (11,061)
  5. The Navy’s New Patrol Boat (2012)
  6. Case for the Five Inch Gun (2012) (9,728)
  7. 50mm Chain Gun, More Detail (2019)
  8. Alternate Weapons for New Large Cutters? (2012)
  9. What Might Coast Guard Cutters do in Wartime? Part 2, Coast Guard Roles (2012)
  10. New 40 mm Gun (2016) (5,760 views)

(Last year’s recap here)

6 thoughts on “Thanks for a Successful 2022 –Best Year to Date

  1. Chuck: USCGC Duane is sunk in 130 FSW off Key Largo FL now, serving as an awesome wreck for diving. I have dove on here many times, and last month dove on her again, taking videos with my GO-PRO camera. I am going to attempt attaching a video showing the top of her starboard prop and rudder to this e-mail. If you do not receive the video send my an email address and I will send along. Chief Carr, LARGO DEC 22/DUANE PROPS AND RUDDER 14 DEC 22.mp4

  2. Chuck, you are the Coast Guard’s glue to the blogosphere, and hence, open communication among those with a common interest and cause. Thanks!

    P.S. I was surprised Cutter X wasn’t in the top 10 all time.

  3. “What does it take to sink a ship?” is a minor classic.

    Given me much food for thought.

    I still think you need help with your torpedo obsession. 😉 🙂

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