Document Alert: World Wide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community, 2/9/16

We have a statement for the record (pdf) from James R. Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, dated February 9, 2016. Perhaps it is the nature of the beast, but there is no good news, and much that is bad.

Smuggling of every type appears to be on the rise including drugs and people. We can expect an increase in illegal immigration as a result of violence, poverty, and disorder in Latin America and particularly Cuba and Central America.

It is a relatively compact document. There are sections on Terrorism (pp 4-6), transnational organized crime (pp 11-12), Arctic (p 13), Environmental Risks and Climate Change (pp 13-14), health (including potential pandemics) (pp 14-15), and Global Displacement, “These 60 million consist of approximately 20 million refugees, 38 million internally displaced persons (IDPs), and approximately 2 million stateless persons, also according to UNHCR statistics.” (p.15)

There are also regional assessments including one on Latin America and the Caribbean (pp 28-29).

There is no regional assessment for the US. In terms of direct terrorist threats to the US, while there is a recognition of an aspiration on the part of various groups to attack the US, but the emphasis seems to be on “homegrown violent extremists” (HVEs) and there is nothing about the possibility of a maritime attack on the US. Is that because none exist?

2 thoughts on “Document Alert: World Wide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community, 2/9/16

  1. Do you know when the (Jacob L. A. Poroo (WPC-1125) will be completed? Will it be finished this year? Do you know if it will be launched out of Cape May? or where it will be launched? I am his daughter.

    • Ms. Jacobs,

      The 16th of the class has been delivered and the 15th commissioned. They have been delivering four a year, but that could increase. Since Jacob L. A. Porto is the 25th of the class, I suspect it will be one and a half to two years before the ship is christened. That will almost certainly be done at the Bollinger shipyard where it is being built. Later there will be a commissioning ceremony, probably in it home port.

      In any case you should contact both Bollinger and the Coast Guard. I am sure you would be a most welcomed guest.

      Contact information can be found at the web sites below:

      Coast Guard Acquisitions Directorate:

      The shipyard:

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