Arctic Guardian 2017

This is all I have, from the German Navy Blog, “Marine Forum,”

6 September, ICELAND (multinational), Search & rescue exercise „Arctic Guardian 2017“ kicked off … first exercise of its kind under the auspices of the Arctic Coast Guard Forum (ACGF), with all eight Arctic nations (Denmark, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, USA) participating … scenario sees cruise ship with hundreds of passengers gone missing in the Danish Strait between Iceland and Greenland.

Surely, we will hear more.

R&D Center on Healy

It looks like the Healy has been having an interesting voyage. They had aboard a team from the Research and Development Center that were aboard to try out some new technologies.

Here you will find a listing of what they hoped to do while aboard. Projects included.

  • 3-D Printing
  • NOAA buoy
  • Passive Millimeter Wave Camera
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Small Unmanned Aircraft System
  • MSST San Diego Dive Team in Cooperation with a Navy dive team
  • Unmanned surface and subsurface vehicles

A later post shows how it turned out–lots of photos. It is presented in reverse chronological order, August 6 to July 21, so you might want to read it from bottom up.

Canada Expands Coast Guard

A rescue boat sits moored at the Kitsilano Coast Guard station before the base's closure in 2013.

Rescue boat sits moored at the Kitsilano Coast Guard station before the base’s closure in 2013.

Our Canadian counterparts are looking forward to an 11% expansion over the next two years. This is a part of the Canadian government’s $1.5B (Canadian) Ocean Protection Plan that will include new vessels and new lifeboat stations.

The Ocean Protection Plan appears to be a response to late or less than satisfactory response to pollution incidents.

I’m told among the new Canadian Coast Guard assets will be 45 foot USCG standard Response Boat, Mediums.


Denmark Builds Innovative Multi-Purpose Ship (Buoy Tender/Oil Recovery)

Marine Log reports recognition of “OV Bøkfjord as the Danish Ship of the Year 2016.”

OV Bøkfjord is multifunctional with the ability to operate as both a buoy and beacon maintenance vessel on a daily basis, as well as an oil recovery vessel for Kystverket in Norway.

It is designed for fast response time and fitted with specialized equipment, i.e. surface oil skimmers and dedicated holding tanks, etc. The vessel has an advanced diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system integrated into the vessel’s compact design.

These little 144 foot (44 meter) ships, intended to operate off Northern Norway, have several interesting features.

“We’ve developed a complex ramp system allowing the vessel to approach smaller islands and also to use the ramps for dynamic positioning during repairs at sea. These, as well as oil sweepers, holding tanks, offshore crane etc., have been integrated in the design whilst also making space for a battery pack, as Kystverket wanted the vessel to have diesel-electric hybrid propulsion.”