Document Alert: U.S. Department of Defense’s Asia-Pacific Maritime Security Strategy

The US Naval Institute News Service has made available the U.S. Department of Defense’s Asia-Pacific Maritime Security Strategy.

I have only scanned it, but it does mention the Coast Guard in the context of freedom of navigation exercises and capacity building for our allies.


US to Help Fund Vietnamese Patrol Boats


“The Metal Shark 75 Defiant Patrol boat, capable of achieving 40+ knots. For the ideal balance of performance, economy, and reliability, twin Caterpillar C32 diesels mated to Hamilton HM-651 waterjets will propel the vessel to speeds in the 30-knot range.” Photo via DBA METAL SHARK

gCaptain is reporting that the US has pledged $18M to help Vietnam buy US made patrol boats. gCaptain does not specifically state which boats will be bought or how many, but the choice of illustration above certainly suggests that they will be Metal Shark 75 Defiants. There is more information on this boat here.